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Telephone Services by zum*Voice

Calling Simplified

z u m * voice provides you with the most advanced yet simple telephone features.
With z u m * voice, you can speak through its fixed-line operators, Btel and Telkom, making your communication options more various.

You can make a call and be called by anyone you prefer, with additional telephone features such as Caller ID, Answering Machine, Call Waiting, Call Transfer, Teleconference, Three Partied, etc.
z u m * voice services will enhance your communication into being more comprehensive.
Simply choose a product and its additional facility, then in real time your option would be confirmed. And within a short period of time, your z u m * voice service would be activated.
If you already have a device and network which have been previously installed, your z u m* voice service would even be activated within a faster time.

The installation of z u m * service is very easy. You may directly request a "z u m * it-yourself" service, guided by z u m * crew, through a phone call (plug and play). Or you may request our z u m * crew to visit your place. Our experienced, friendly and responsive z u m * crew will always be at your service.