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Internet Connection by zum*Net

Fast and Reliable

z u m * net brings you 10G (10 gigabit/second) based internet service as the fastest net speed today, ensuring the comfort in e-mail traffic, website management and social networking. You may also surf the internet, watch video streaming, download pictures, songs and high quality videos. This 10G based service is also reliable in conducting video conference and internet telephone.

  • Advantages you will gain from z u m * net:
    • z u m * net has redundant link which can anticipate being disconnected from the main network.
    • Equipped with fiber optic connection to Open IX, z u m * net supports you in browsing local content with faster speed.
    • z u m * net offers internet packages that is suitable to your needs. Easy way to manage and control your internet usage.
    • z u m * net has a wide bandwidth that would be able to fulfill tenants' needs in Epicentrum area.
  • z u m * net is definitely a faster and reliable connection!
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