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Local Exchange by zum*Data

Connects Better & Reliable

z u m * data is able to connect one point of location to another point of location with a trusted secure network and it is available in several kind of services, such as:

  • Data Communication by using the latest technology such as:
    • IP MPLS
    • IP VPN (Virtual Private Network)
    • VLAN Trunking
    • WAN
    • Clear Channel TDM
    • Stock / Forex Info, Real time financial information from IMQ, Bloomberg, Reuters, RTI.
  • VSAT
    z u m * data could also provide VSAT to fulfill the needs of corporate subscribers. VSAT could be utilized with "Point to Point" system, for example between head office and branch office or with field area. z u m * data is also available in several bandwidth capacity packages which use can be customised to your needs.