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Have you ever heard about Convergence?

It is a compact service for today's technology communication, which transform into a whole innovation package of property solution. Internet, Telephony, and Interactive Television; these solutions develop into a new service: Mobility.

z u m* with its 10G technology, committed to a high developed technology to make life more simple. It offers limitless information, entertainment and lifestyle. Experiencing the whole world through its 10G Network fiber optic.
Is it only about experience?

A perfect blend of reliable infrastructure and service, called z u m*, gives you the best solutions to experience the new world. Telephony with wide variety of telephone providers, Internet as a gateway to the world, and soon there will be unlimited TV channels, HD Channels, CCTV, and more.

With z u m* every human being become an adventurer.

Dare to experience z u m* ?
You decide!

Warm Regards,
z u m* ers

About Us

z u m * is a world-class information & communication technology brand operated in largest superblock in Southeast Asia, namely Rasuna Epicentrum area in capital city of Indonesia. Company provides facilities & inspiration that magnifies the quality of life with its services offering Tripleplay service which contains Internet, Telephony and Television (IPTV). These services, by adding Mobility, then developed into Quadplay . z u m * services prioritize simplicity and comfort for media user, supported by its latest, modern and integrated technology. Its infrastructure has been designed to enable z u m * providing data center services.

Technology supports us in maximizing our life's experiences and exploring our potentials. In its everyday activities, z u m * always makes sure that technology gives its fullest integrated performance to connect, inform and entertain people whether they are in exclusive areas or in interconnected property areas.



z u m * brings you communication, information, education and entertainment facilities for business purposes and modern family needs by prioritizing simplicity and comfort for media user supported by high speed access, excellent audio visual quality, various services options and interactive programs.

  • All of these can be obtained by affordable prices and easy payment system. z u m *services consist of:
    • z u m * net
    • z u m * data
    • z u m * voice
    • z u m * colo
    • z u m * live
    • etc.

Strategic Partner

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